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Aims and Objectives

The AAB Universal Organization stands as the vanguard of a burgeoning national movement, uniting Afghan citizens from all walks of life whose long-standing demands and dreams have remained unfulfilled amidst the rule of oppressive leaders.

Tragically, our beloved homeland finds itself ensnared by the grip of tyrannical, dogmatic, and authoritarian rulers. We are mired in a profound crisis exacerbated by global interventions, the relentless specter of terrorism, deteriorating security, widespread ignorance, cultural exploitation, corruption, injustice, economic destitution, unemployment, illiteracy, and the ominous proliferation of drug production and trafficking. Even in the 21st century, Afghanistan remains trapped in a quagmire reminiscent of the Middle Ages, rendering it one of the most backward nations in the tapestry of human societies.

The rallying cry of the AAB Universal Organization, “One Drop Of Me, One Drop Of You,” underscores that Afghanistan’s strength lies in the unity of its diverse tribes, emphasizing unity over division based on majority or minority status. The organization firmly believes that a nation-state cannot truly thrive until its tribal entities evolve into a single cohesive nation.

However, the transformation of tribes into a unified nation hinges upon the establishment of shared interests in which each individual has an equitable stake. A government founded upon principles of political and social justice, wherein every Afghan citizen bears equal responsibilities and enjoys equal privileges, is indispensable for the realization of genuine national interests.

Key objectives of the AAB Universal Organization encompass nurturing a robust and self-reliant economy, upholding justice in every facet of citizens’ lives, fostering national solidarity, safeguarding national security, and relentlessly combating corruption, drug trade, religious extremism, illiteracy, and all forms of exploitation, with a steadfast commitment to gender equality. These objectives, along with the aforementioned beliefs, form the bedrock of the organization’s mission.

In light of the chaotic circumstances currently plaguing our nation, the AAB Universal Organization recognizes its national and humanitarian duty to pave the way for a government of the people. This entails defining, uniting, and championing national interests, forging a united Afghan nation, ensuring equality, and creating tangible opportunities for growth and advancement for all Afghan citizens. The organization pledges to fight for these ideals through a meritocratic approach, steadfastly pursuing its goals in a structured manner.

Below are the AAB Universal Organization's 7 Main Objectives and Goals



System Structure, Government and Administration


Ensuring peace and stability in the country.

Human Rights

The legal system and the fundamental human rights.


Economic development and monetary policies.


Providing social services and better quality of life.


Cultural development and enlightenment.


International relations and foreign policy development.
Safe + Easy Membership Process

Welcoming New Members From Around The World.

The AAB Universal Organization is proud to commit to serving the future of Afghanistan. You as a free and patriotic citizen of the country can join the AAB Universal Organization to along your abilities and experiences for fulfilling such a great cause and to participate in the process of nation-building in our beloved homeland.


Board members of AAB Universal Organization's executive team